Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I just noticed I've been receiving comments. I hadn't thought to look for them. I didn't realize people are already peeking under the drop cloths to check out this blog. Not only that, two are asking if and how they might purchase my artwork! Hence the title of this post. And my big smile.

A quick and incomplete answer: yes, it's all for sale. No, I don't have it listed anywhere as such, but I'll get right on that. I'll do some research, find an appropriate venue, or create one. If you have any ideas: I'm open to suggestions!

In the meantime, you eager readers have inspired me to spiff up the joint, and think a little more about where I'm headed with this new venture. I've got ideas. Oh, baby, do I have ideas! And I do plan to get into them. But first things first: I've taken the drop cloths down, swept the debris out of the corners, tacked up some links, slapped up one more coat of fresh white paint. (I've decided I like these white walls. Who needs wallpaper? It seems more appropriate to keep this backdrop fresh and blank as a gallery wall.)

If this were a real space, I'd have snacks set up in the back. Wait a minute - this is virtual reality. There are snacks in the back - little mini sandwiches and cookies and chocolate and champagne and a great big fruit plate (all impeccably delicious and absolutely calorie-free)! Help yourself! Happy New Year! Make yourself at home! Feel free to nose around. Sign the guest book. And welcome to LifeCraft!

Oh, and come back soon. I promise, there will be more.


Sam said...

I love the painting in the Centering post. LOVE IT TO PIECES.

stella said...

I love your stuff!!

Particularly the concentric circles - totally mesmerizing!

Can't wait to see more.

Kirsty Hall said...

Hi, thanks for linking to The Diary Project.

Have you considered Etsy as a venue for selling your collages? I don't sell on there yet but I know artists who do. I love the top one in this post - you've got a good eye, collage is a lot harder than most people think. I also think that you're drastically underpricing at $20, it's worth much more, especially for that size.