Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Maintenance Schedule

I'm trying it on, this collage-a-day project, and I'm finding it has lessons to teach me. Like, for instance - how am I going to squeeze this into my day? And also: can I let go of the stiff and familiar, to risk making something, god forbid, ugly, or even worse, boring, or worst yet – to use the dreaded art school term – unsuccessful?

Today's collage seems to embody these questions, present these challenges. It tells me: Yes, Amy, this exercise will be good for you. Do it. Practice loosening up. Start putting yourself out there. This will help you quit worrying if your work is good or not, if it's worthy. It'll help you take risks, to follow those giddy impulses – to slop ink all over everything, to introduce ridiculous purple or flashy hot pink – into your typically sober palette. Remember that this project, that this blog– that everything – is for fun, for discovery, that this is what life (and play) is all about.

It'll be interesting to see where this takes me, what my collages will look like two weeks, three months, a year from now. How far can I go with this? Guess I'll buckle in and find out.