Thursday, January 17, 2008


In my studio, I have two computers: an old PC that I turn on only when I want to use my old scanner and a few obscure old programs, and a newer Mac, with internet access and all my image- and word-manipulating software. To show you my daily collages, I must boot up the scanner and that old machine, then burn the image to a cd, transfer the file to my Mac, crop it, sharpen it, re-save it, and upload it to the web. It's tedious and time-consuming, is what I'm saying, and I'm considering a more efficient plan: Maybe I'll let two or three days' or a week's worth of collages pile up before I scan. I can post them all at once, and in the meantime, post other artworks, the framework of stories weaving themselves in my mind, more links, other projects-in-progress.

Daily discipline is like juggling: Start with tossing one burning torch up and down, and when you master that, add a second, a third. Yes, I've found my rhythm with these daily collages, and they are by far not the only burning torches at my side. I'm ready to move forward.

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