Saturday, January 19, 2008


My daily collage project, for anyone wondering, is NOT abandoned. I'm collaging right on schedule, but I'll be posting them in batches from now on - three or four (or seven) at a time. I wanted to give myself a break in order to squeeze in a few other pieces, like this painting (gouache and ink and watercolor on bristol paper, 17" x 14") which I call Aqueduct.

Looking at this painting again, and recalling the optimism I felt making it, I find myself thinking of water as a symbol for energy, for chi (or Qi), the life force. Just as the earth contains and channels water, our earthly bodies (and spirits and minds) contain and channel energy. Like plants and trees, drawing water up from below, so do we draw upon our stored resources as we plant seeds in our lives, as we allow ourselves to dream and move toward our dreams.

And no energy is wasted! The trees put moisture in the atmosphere, which feeds the clouds, which feeds the rain, which feeds the earth, which, in turn, feeds the trees.

Put your energy into the world!


Anonymous said...

I love this one. And Central Falls. These are really fun and inspiring to look at. I'm a scissors, paper & glue type myself, so it is quite inspiring to see what others do.

Sam said...

The first thing I thought when I saw this one was "I want it" and then I saw the price and pouted. It is lovely, one of those pieces that you just want to wallow in and drink up for hours. I guess I'll have to keep saving my pennies for one of your masterpieces.