Monday, January 7, 2008


Inspired by Keri Smith's Morning Collages and Randel Plowman's A Collage A Day , I decided to start making collages more regularly myself. I may even do one a day. But I only just started yesterday, and I want to try it on for a while before I make any commitments.
My reticence is not based on lack of enthusiasm, but fear of enthusiasm. Actually, I'm afraid I might go on a collage-making binge.

I made this collage, choosing a color palette without any conscious association, and a random page out of an old dictionary because I got a jolt of pleasure out of the word "dainty" that concluded that page's listings. And then I went out grocery shopping with my husband, and realized I'd picked the exact color palette of the evening: a peachy-pink and blue and green sunset sky, the white and slushy grey, brown, black and piny green along the roadside. I glanced to the right, and found myself staring into a construction site, at a dumpster labeled prominently according to the company that owned it: DAINTY.

I made another collage last night, and another this morning. I might be hooked.

All of these (so far) are works on paper, 8.5" x 5.5" and yes, I'd be happy to sell them! How about $45 each, signed on the back, shipped promptly and for free (to the U.S. anyway)? Email if you want one, we can work out the details.

Collage 2:

Collage 3:

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