Saturday, March 28, 2009


My show at WindhamARTS opens this coming Friday - less than a week away.

The art/inspiration postcards I've designed for my show are back from the printer and they look great (if I do say so myself).

This is a detail from one of them - click image to see full-size:

You can see all three cards in the previous post (here). I'll be putting up a Paypal link just as soon as I can figure out how to do one that functions more like a shopping cart - so you can check off which cards you want, how many, and determine the total due. In the meantime, you can email me directly and I'll send you a personalized Paypal link.

Here's the deal:

There are three cards. The gallery will be selling them for $3 each or 6 for $15. If you order them through this site, I'll have to ask for $2 shipping per order (same shipping no matter how many you order).

As a bonus for those who order soon, I'll throw in a couple of the invitation postcards from the stack I have left over, as long as that stack lasts!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

In the Cards

I expect (and hope) there will be people at my show who will be inspired by my art and LifeCraft philosophy, and want to carry away some token of that inspiration, but for whom a three-digit impulse purchase is simply not in the cards. With that in mind, I've just finished designing three 5x7" postcards which I plan to offer at the show for $3 apiece. If all goes according to plan, they should arrive from the printer with several days to spare.

I'll also sell them here. Bear with me for the paypal link, or email me directly if you want some.

(ps. These images will look better if you click on them to see them in a separate window, full-size.)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Ups and Downs

It's not really a rollercoaster – I'm feeling pretty even about all this prep for my show – but it is quite a ride. Lots to keep track of. Lots yet to do... Here are a few landmarks:

UP: Local folk heroes The Electric Trains have offered to play a fully-unplugged acoustic set at my art show opening. The gallery director approves - it's a go!

DOWN: The gallery (WindhamARTS) has the wrong date (April 2 - should be April 3) on their web site for my show, and a funky off-center cropping of my postcard - and probably won't fix it until next week. Oh well.

UP: I just designed, built, and launched another web site - Another satisfied client – feels good.

DOWN: The remodeling that was supposed to be done two months ago in the gallery didn't happen, so the venue isn't as awesome-looking as I had hoped.

UP: Lots of people are telling me they are not only planning, but are EXCITED to come to the show. This may shape up to be something of a party!

DOWN: I'm thinking about trying to arrange for an after-party at the pub down the block (The Main Street Cafe), since the opening festivities are only two hours, and then it's only seven pm. At least I should reserve a big ol' table, don't you think? More to add to my perpetually blossoming to-do list!

UP: Apparently I've found the key to getting help: ask for it! My mom is going to help label and stamp postcards, and make food. (Come to think of it, she offered before I asked) And an art-smart friend is coming to the gallery with me to help sort out the artwork and how I'd like it to hang.

DOWN: Oh, oi vey, taxes. It's not just the paying of them that hurts, it's the doing. Lots of paperwork, lots of convoluted instructions.

UP: I did a great job tracking expenses, so that's a plus. And next year it will be easier. I've got a strategy now.

DOWN: Speaking of money, I've got to do some hard thinking and number-crunching about prices for my work. And then I have to replace all the outdated price info on this blog. Once framing and the gallery's cut are taken into consideration, prices must, unfortunately, rise.

UP: My neighbor, a local reporter, called the other day to ask for info about the show. She plans to pitch it to her paper to see if she can do a story on me.

DOWN: the show will only hang for twenty days. Twenty days goes by quick.

UP: Whatever doesn't sell will be framed and ready for the next show.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The printed version of my show announcement arrived today and it looks better than I hoped. Nice when that happens. In the meantime, I've made an email version and begun putting out the word with it (click it to see full size):

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Art Show To Do List (+ hints)

18" x 12" mixed media on heavy cardboard

  • write proposal and get the show
  • make lots of art
  • choose what goes in the show
  • document art work (scan & photograph)
  • design invitation postcard, send to printer
  • discuss mailing list with gallery
  • frame shadow box assemblage pieces
  • make decisions about matting and framing everything else, choose a framer

  • compile Mailing list (friends, family, colleagues, clients)
  • enter names and addresses into excel spreadsheet (instructions here)
  • transfer to Word to print onto sticky labels (same instructions apply)
  • make appointment with gallery - have them print out mailing list labels ahead of time
  • when postcards arrive from printer, apply my mailing list labels
  • go to gallery to add their mailing list labels and bulk mailing stamp to cards

  • design email version of postcard invitation
  • design poster version of postcard invitation
  • send out postcards, e-cards, put up posters
  • post announcement & e-card on Facebook
  • ask gallery what they're doing re: press release (so as not to duplicate efforts)
  • possibly write press release and send to local papers along with art image
  • pick art image for press release - print hi-res on glossy stock (if mailing hard copy)
  • send press release to local college radio, and to one dj friend in particular

  • look for response to follow-up email from framer re: price and wire hangers (I spoke to him yesterday - all of the 2d work - 43 pieces - have arrived safely. All matting & framing decisions are done)
  • set prices (taking into consideration: materials, framing & shipping, gallery fees, postcard and postage expenses, size, and time to create each work )
  • make labels for each piece and decide how to hang them
  • finish last two pieces
  • finish framing last shadow box (add glass)
  • follow up with company sending clear sleeves for unframed daily collages - make sure order has shipped and will arrive on time
  • follow up with framer to make sure they ship on time (I am using P.S. Art Company for the first time - very good prices, good reputation - hopefully good results!)
  • hang everything on the appointed day (find a friend to help and then to take out for a celebratory meal?)

  • plan for reception: food, drink, what to wear! (note to self: comfortable shoes)
  • make personal phone invitations, and plans for dinner after reception
  • check over contract with gallery to make sure I'm not forgetting anything
  • make/get guest book for show, ask for: name, address, email, comments
  • print list of art pieces: titles, size, media, price
  • print artist's statement and bio
  • compile statement, bio, art list into single document to leave with gallery front desk
  • take it all down twenty days later
  • rinse and repeat - at another venue!