Monday, October 27, 2008


More inspirations, eye candy, and practical advice:

Blu makes amazing murals and animations, using outside-the-box urban environments as his canvas (Oh, how sexist of me! I'm assuming Blu is male? Please correct me if I'm wrong.)

Stephen Gill's photo collections are more than worth a look.

Nutritious food for thought for the graphic designer is readily available at Design Observer: Thoughts on Design and Culture.

Looking for inspirational ways to recycle plastic bottles into art? Check out Miwa and Mark's PET project.

Money concerns getting in the way of your art making? Sellout is for you.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Overlooked, Underlooked

I made these small paintings/collages a while back and, not sure if I liked them, tacked them to the wall of my studio to contemplate. Funny how you can stare at something everyday and not really notice it at all. Today I took them down, scanned them, and really saw them for the first time. Thought I'd share...

Also, here's another link for ya, the collagist Mark Wagner, who works almost exclusively with the American dollar bill and makes some remarkable things...

9" x 8" mixed media on canvas

10" x 9" mixed media on canvas

9" x 7" mixed media on canvas