Sunday, December 30, 2007

Thirty-Three Days

Since I'm on a concentric-circle kick, I felt I would be remiss not to include this little experiment developed out of thirty-three days of photographs and journal entries.

I know this is redundant, but I keep thinking about how every moment is framed by moments past; that right now, this instant, how I spend my today, will set the stage for how I experience tomorrow. It sounds like a high-pressure way to be, but it isn't. After all, the more I enjoy today, the more present I am, the more I'll enjoy, or at least be equipped for, tomorrow.

And there's something about expansion from the present, from the core. Something about embracing both past and future at the same time, though I don't have anything articulate to say on that right now. Presence = good. That's all.

Speaking of which, I am enjoying watching my husband make apple-walnut-cinnamon waffles (his specialty), while practicing his golf swing. There are less happy things in the picture, too, which I won't go into right now. But I embrace them as well, and all the more, because they can exist side-by-side with smiling husbands and cinnamon waffles.

Too bad Blogger doesn't host Flash animations (at least not easily). To see this one in action you'll have to go here and be patient while the white space fills: it takes a minute to load. A good opportunity to sit up, perhaps, breathe deep, and take stock of your own present moment?