Thursday, March 19, 2009

In the Cards

I expect (and hope) there will be people at my show who will be inspired by my art and LifeCraft philosophy, and want to carry away some token of that inspiration, but for whom a three-digit impulse purchase is simply not in the cards. With that in mind, I've just finished designing three 5x7" postcards which I plan to offer at the show for $3 apiece. If all goes according to plan, they should arrive from the printer with several days to spare.

I'll also sell them here. Bear with me for the paypal link, or email me directly if you want some.

(ps. These images will look better if you click on them to see them in a separate window, full-size.)


Anonymous said...

Those are gorgeous! I'll need to come back to look some more and think about ordering some though- flying by!

Shannon said...

These are beautiful! Especially the second one... is pay pal up? I must have some!

Amy said...


I haven't gotten them back from the printer, so I can't rightly sell them yet! I'll keep you posted.