Friday, March 13, 2009

Ups and Downs

It's not really a rollercoaster – I'm feeling pretty even about all this prep for my show – but it is quite a ride. Lots to keep track of. Lots yet to do... Here are a few landmarks:

UP: Local folk heroes The Electric Trains have offered to play a fully-unplugged acoustic set at my art show opening. The gallery director approves - it's a go!

DOWN: The gallery (WindhamARTS) has the wrong date (April 2 - should be April 3) on their web site for my show, and a funky off-center cropping of my postcard - and probably won't fix it until next week. Oh well.

UP: I just designed, built, and launched another web site - Another satisfied client – feels good.

DOWN: The remodeling that was supposed to be done two months ago in the gallery didn't happen, so the venue isn't as awesome-looking as I had hoped.

UP: Lots of people are telling me they are not only planning, but are EXCITED to come to the show. This may shape up to be something of a party!

DOWN: I'm thinking about trying to arrange for an after-party at the pub down the block (The Main Street Cafe), since the opening festivities are only two hours, and then it's only seven pm. At least I should reserve a big ol' table, don't you think? More to add to my perpetually blossoming to-do list!

UP: Apparently I've found the key to getting help: ask for it! My mom is going to help label and stamp postcards, and make food. (Come to think of it, she offered before I asked) And an art-smart friend is coming to the gallery with me to help sort out the artwork and how I'd like it to hang.

DOWN: Oh, oi vey, taxes. It's not just the paying of them that hurts, it's the doing. Lots of paperwork, lots of convoluted instructions.

UP: I did a great job tracking expenses, so that's a plus. And next year it will be easier. I've got a strategy now.

DOWN: Speaking of money, I've got to do some hard thinking and number-crunching about prices for my work. And then I have to replace all the outdated price info on this blog. Once framing and the gallery's cut are taken into consideration, prices must, unfortunately, rise.

UP: My neighbor, a local reporter, called the other day to ask for info about the show. She plans to pitch it to her paper to see if she can do a story on me.

DOWN: the show will only hang for twenty days. Twenty days goes by quick.

UP: Whatever doesn't sell will be framed and ready for the next show.

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Just me said...

Oh wow. I LOVE this piece! So cool. :)