Monday, February 1, 2010

If You're in the Neighborhood...

This is the postcard I am sending out today to publicize my latest show. I wasn't going to advertise this one at all, it seemed a tedious prospect. But then it occurred to me, a postcard is a perfect opportunity to say something nice to people, to give a little present. And who doesn't like giving presents? Besides, I had asked for a mailing list from the organization sponsoring the show, and they sent me the list - already printed on mailing labels! Doesn't get much easier.

(The show is in Windham, Connecticut, by the way)


Patti said...

I LOVE the postcard and the quote. I needed to hear that. I am sure your show is great. I wish I were in the neighborhood.

Colbyk said...

Pride and prejudice (most positively for my kin) are what I felt when I viewed the show! I am wishing you the joys of the coming year, adventure, fulfillment, laughter and a few tears.
Follow your star!