Tuesday, April 21, 2009



Lessons in Flow
Hand-Marbelized papers, each approx. 19" x 12.5"
$35 each including shipping


Lately I've been waking up with bigger dreams.

For instance, I keep thinking of the studio space I want to grow into, the imaginary addition on my home where I can really spread out, where I can set up a sewing machine and a huge collage and a great big canvas all at the same time, without having to dismantle one project in order to accommodate another. A space with a very long table and a flock of comfortable stools, with built-in storage for art works and supplies, a deep sink. A space where I can teach classes and lead workshops and hold open studios to my heart's content.

I find myself thinking about how much I could accomplish with hired help. I plot out an imaginary schedule for an imaginary assistant: two mornings a week, Monday and Wednesday? Tuesday and Thursday? I think how great it would be to have that built-in structure to my work life. To know that I can deposit certain tasks in someone else's inbox, that they will get done. To be able to write a decent paycheck (what a nice thing to be able to do for another person!) and turn my focus on the stockpile of projects cluttering my brain.

And then, a moment later, all I want is a two-hour walk in the woods, or to wander out to the garden and plant more lettuce, mulch the garlic. I look around and once again, I'm satisfied with my spare-bedroom studio, my quiet, obsessive work habits, my U-shaped desk arrangement where all I have to do is swivel my chair and I'm designing a web site, writing a book proposal, answering emails, answering the phone; swivel again, and I'm making a collage, a painting, a journal entry.

Who knows where all of this might lead. Perhaps I will begin to see a path toward these new visions. After all, I have just the person in mind for the assistantship. And my next-door neighbor does have a lovely barn/apartment, once a potter's studio, now unrented, a glorified shed for her kayak and bicycle.

But it's not time yet for any big moves. Though that time may come sooner than I imagine, I've got enough on my plate for now.

In the meantime, I will continue to allow myself to dream, while going with the flow, but at the same time, experimenting with creating my own flow. And appreciating the fact that there are limits to how many projects I can entertain in a given day.


Patti said...

All in a moment of scrolling: My first thought was "how beautiful!" Then, I thought...those must be some sort of digitized fractals. Wow! Hand-Marbelized papers? I think I have to buy one! Are you going to do lots more and put them in your Etsy shop? I love them!

Amy said...

Thanks, Patti!

I have a stack of these - the ones I've posted here are my favorites so far - but you are inspiring me to check for others others worth posting!

I like your idea of making more of these to sell through Etsy. I'm not set up to do that right now, but I'll work on it! In the meantime, if you want any of these, just let me know!

Hurricane Farm said...

When you talk of your dreams of expanding, I think of myself wanting to expand in my life. There are many avenues to explore, the farm animals, farm vegeatable, perpared foods, sewing, felting, creating, and much more. But, I also feel so thankful for the place I am right now. I am exploring every avenue, sometimes not as fast as my mind wants to explore them, but in reality, fast enough. I am imbracing my flow, (even though sometimes I want it to flow faster), and enjoying every moment of the flow because right now is (and had been for a long time) my dream!