Thursday, February 26, 2009

Elizabeth Gilbert on Creative Genius

As I compose the postcard to promote my upcoming show, I have been listening to Elizabeth Gilbert (Author of the brilliant bestselling memoir Eat, Pray, Love) speaking at TED. Twenty minutes well spent. Over and over. I urge you to check her out.

Here's the front of the (7 x 5") postcard. Working on the back now...


patti said...

Wow! I was going to link that TED video to my blog after having watched a couple of days ago. It's awesome. Coincidence again?

I wish you all the best with your show! Very Exciting!

Anonymous said...

I'm going over to check it out- thanks for the tip. FYI- I found another beautiful artist (besides your beautiful art:). I think you'd like it based on this post and all-

Shannon said...

Amy, I love this! Will you have this available in a larger print version as well? Good luck and Happy March!

Amy said...

Thanks for the comments and good wishes

Patti - yes, we do ride the same wavelength, don't we?

Thanks, Starr, for the link - very sweet paintings. It's always so inspiring to see how others express their creative vision - as you do, with your stunning landscape photographs!

Shannon - I love this idea! Actually, thanks to a lucky connection, I may soon acquire a very nice Epson printer that will allow me to make archival-quality giclee prints from my very own studio. I will certainly keep you posted!