Friday, February 13, 2009

Drop Everything - Inspiration and Juicy Links







I heard a speaker say once that the way to shift the focus of your work toward the dynamic projects you yearn to find time to tackle, is to just go ahead and do it. Make those projects your top priority. The other stuff can be squeezed in around the edges, as necessary.

The point is: chores on the calendar are like gasses released into a room - they expand to fill the space allotted to them.

For instance, I have a web design client waiting for a comp, another client for whom I'm working as a web marketing consultant, also waiting for word from me. I have a show in April for which I need to get many paintings framed. I'm on track with all of it, in spite of the fact that Wednesday afternoon I dropped everything because the light was just right on the corner of my desk.

My eye had wandered to one of a series of papier maché angels I have around the studio. I've been meaning to photograph them and put them up for adoption online.

There's no time like the present.

I made these ladies in a fit of recycle/salvage-art passion and they've been faithfully praying over me for years now. But life is good these days. My angels are ready to go out into the world and watch over someone new.

So I pinned up a backdrop and conducted an impromptu photo shoot, and today I'm taking time to share the results. (Prices include shipping, by the way.) (ps. they also make good Christmas tree toppers, since they're about ten inches tall and hollow underneath their dresses.)

Not only that, but I'm also going to share a few of my latest online discoveries. Oh there is so much inspiration to be found on the web!

• Lier at Ikat Bag made the most incredible toys for her kids. Check out the Donut Shop here (be sure to scroll all the way down - the best images are at the bottom).

• Illustrator/designer/quirk-meister: Mike Perry - worth a look.

• CraftyStylish has a great post by Diane Gillead on Weaving on a Cardboard Loom. Lots of photographs and step-by-step instructions make it look so easy, I want to try it. Add it to the list...

• Check out Another Shade of Grey for a unique eye for the delicate and extraordinary. Lots of eye candy on this blog.

• For entrepreneurial resources & inspiration from a female perspective, spend a little time with Ladies Who Launch.

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