Sunday, October 28, 2007


This new blog WILL get underway, with links and all that. But for now, let's be HERE now, in this basically white space, full of potential.

Sometimes I think my artwork is all over the map, one piece having nothing in common with the next. But I am so wrong. I just held this one (a painting made for a wedding invitation) up against the one I posted previously.

Yes, I am obsessed with concentricity. So much so, in fact, that I just looked up the word, discovering that it, does indeed exist, and also, I like its definition: "having a common center, as circles or spheres"

Perhaps this is an overly spiritual idea, or overly romantic, or overly abstract, but here it is anyway: Don't we all have a common center? Not just an ALIKE center, but a SHARED center?

For example: one facet of that center is this: we are all located always and eternally in the PRESENT. Though we can lose ourselves in all kinds of fantasies of past and future, based on fear or based on longing, the reality remains the same. It is only from this present moment that we can create change in the story of our lives and worlds. In so doing, we change the course of the future, and the meaning of the past.

What if we, instead, operated entirely out of the moment? Out of right now? What if everywhere we looked, we saw not just the surface appearance of things, but into the depths? What if we slowed down right now, slowed down our breathing, relaxed our shoulders, relaxed our focus, our thoughts, our plans, our expectations of what the next five minutes might hold, and together, allowed this moment its full power and potential?


Sam said...

Beautiful work of art.

mistress said...

Is your artwork for sale? I'd be interested to know oil/water/or other composition type, and price on each if it is.
You have some beautiful work.

Alice said...

I like this painting quite a bit. As mistress asked - where is your stuff up for sale? Or is it?