Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Running Scales

Anyone who ever took piano or voice lessons or did sports competitively knows about warming up. On the piano, you play scales, do re mi. In the pool, you swim a few slow laps to get the blood moving. You limber up, you shake yourself out and hone your focus.

Lately, art projects are on my mind. I may be gearing up for something big, but for now, I'm running scales, stretching. To do this, I'm exploring the perimeters of a strictly limited tool—using simple Snapchat tools and my fingertip on the screen of my phone to draw and write over photographs. Only, for the most part, I start with photographs of almost pure darkness, to create a blank, mostly black canvas.

With no eraser, no way to alter the thickness of a line, and very limited colors (no black or white, no options for tints and shades, just a short slider of bright rainbow colors) I'm making little compositions. Then I tag them with simple messages, and put them out into the world.

Find me on Snapchat (Amy K / amyKstudio) to see these as I post them, or check out the growing collection on Facebook.

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