Thursday, May 14, 2009

Practicalities for Practicing Artists

Gouache, watercolor and ink on heavyweight bristol paper, 12 x 9"

A few resources to pass along:

Sales Tips for Artists: podcast with accompanying PDF study guides, on selling artwork to the interior design market, contracting with galleries, pricing your work, and more. Dick Harrison is like a friendly, patient uncle, selfless and extremely informative. This is easy listening, folks.

Art Print Issues: blog focusing on the art print market by Barney Davey, who also wrote a book on the subject.

Mine Stephanie Levy's blog, Artists Who Blog for a lay-of-the-land on artists promoting themselves (and inspiring and informing others) on the web.


Barney Davey said...

Thanks for your kind words about my blog and book. Best wishes for great success with your art career and your blog. Love the name.

Anonymous said...

Ruby Throated is so beautiful.

Sarah Wermuth

Amy said...

Thank you Barney, thank you Sarah!