Thursday, August 28, 2008


gouache and ink on heavyweight bristol paper, 14" x 11"

I believe in the power of wishing. Active, creative wish-making (rather than passive longing, whiny "if only"s in moments of emptiness and desperation). I don't think it helps to cling to a wish, to squeeze it, worry it, focusing exclusively on the void in your life that your unfulfilled desire occupies.

I believe, instead, in creating a detailed visualization of whatever you want to bring into being. Blow your wish into a big pink balloon. As the old New Age Creative Visualization guru, Shakti Gawain advised, let it float away into the sky. You must trust that your wish will be heard by the powers that be, and that, if a path can be forged to its realization, the way will open up before you.

Release your wishes. Allow for the present moment, where you have acknowledged an unfulfilled desire. Allow for the perhaps difficult possibility that your wish will not come true. Allow for whatever emotion comes up in its wake. And most of all, allow for mystery, subconscious process, and invisible magic behind the scenes.


patti said...

I LOVE THIS PAINTING. I think the colors will influence future color choices for me. I love how you describe wishing. It's difficult for many people to understand the beauty of it.

Sam said...

I can tell which paintings are going to be on the pricey end (for my limited budget-not that they are overpriced at all) just by looking at them. If I suck in my breathe and go "OH" it's going to be more expensive. I really like this one. I need to finish with my house purchase in order to free up money for art!

Nic said...

Loving, wishing, yearning that I may come christmas place this more than beautiful piece in my home. I only wish that it is not sold by then. This piece represents so very much to me and my household right now the colors are exactly perfect they are the same colors in our home as well as the meaning and the design has so much depth and great meaning to our past, present and future wishes.... (I need alot more space to describe all that I see in this one)I went to paypal to purchase it today but I shortly realized that I have to wait till christmas bonus time. so for now I bookmark the page and often come back to make sure its still there.